Langley Chapel, Shropshire, England

Langley Chapel is an Anglican church built in 1601 near Acton Burnell in Shropshire. The interior of the church is a unique survival of the way Anglican churches were arranged in the early 17th  century, with box pews, a desk for musicians at the back and bench seats around the communion table. All of the furniture within the chapel is original which in and of itself is a triumph. The chapel was built on the site of an early medieval structure and served as a place of worship for those who worked and lived at nearby Langley Hall. Some time during the 19th century Langley Hall fell to ruin, which led to the scattering of the local population and the abandonment of the Chapel. In 1914 it became one of the first buildings to be taken into the care of the state.

I came upon Langley late in the evening after visiting the nearby Acton Burnell Castle, I trekked across the field assuming I would not be able to gain entry into the chapel but was pleasantly surprised to find a key resting in the lock of the main door. A beautiful and serene place from which to watch the daylight fade.

GPS: 52.59662, -2.68289

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